My son is a respectable, honorable, capable human being, strong in his awareness of self and others. I credit Doug, his teaching methods, and his personal example of “Do”, the art or way of being, for Chris’ admirable character.

  • Tina E


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the training you have been giving our son Trevor. This past year we have seen a growth in body and mind that we attribute to discipline learned in your miniature cosmos. We have seen an improvement in physical strength and the ability to focus more clearly for longer periods of time. We are always impressed with the high moral character that you impress on everyone attending your lessons and their usefulness in everyday life. We believe that you have a special gift when it comes to training and appreciate the patience you show when dealing with your students. Trevor has developed skills, confidence, and achievements that he never though possible and dreams that someday he will make the level of Black Belt.

  • Kim and Karol M


Dear Sa Bum Nim Doug,

Christmas is a time when we give thanks for all the wonderful people who enrich our lives. You are such a major part of our life that we humbly want to acknowledge what you have done for our son, Mitchell, and for our family as a whole. Truthfulness, honesty, discipline, and determination are now part of our sons standard dialogue as a result of Mitchell training in your center. He has blossomed socially and physically since he has trained under your watchful eye. He is a good student and can understand having fun as well as getting serious and focused on what is special about him. Your name also serves a s a great deterrent for inappropriate behavior. A simple “would Sa Bum Nim like to see you doing this?” is enough to stop anything! We can’t wait for our little Alexandria to be old enough to be your student.

For now, we remain respectfully yours,

  • Neal and Lidia Thomson


Dear Doug,

I wanted to write you to let you know how much my wife and I appreciate the very fine work you do with our son and, for that matter, all the other children you have in your class. Not only are you giving him valuable physical training but, more importantly, helping him to develop discipline and other life long mental habits. Keep up the great work!

  • Nicolas Ramniceanu


Dear Maestro Granzow,

My sincere thanks to you for the time, energy, and devotion you have given to my grandsons Adam and Jordan. I have witnessed a great improvement in them. Our present day youth cannot have too many respectable role models in their lives, and I consider you to be a very significant one. Adam and Jordan enjoy training under your professional expertise and this greatly pleases me, for they are two of my most valuable God-given treasures.


Charles R Butler



Dear Doug,

Chris and I wanted to take the time to write and thank you for what you have done for Tye in the past seven months. the martial arts training Tye is receiving under your direction has been an incredibly rewarding experience for him. We are so excited and pleased to share his joy as he continues to reach new heights. We both feel you are a unique teacher in that you combine the qualities of ability with sensitivity. This quality you possess is so evident in the relationships you build individually with each of your students. Each of your classes seem new and interesting. We have discussed what an amazing gift you have for giving each student just what they need and at the same time treat each student equally. You continue to amaze my husband and I with your teaching skills and we are very much in your debt. Thank you again for being such a fabulous teacher.


Denise and Chris N.